Quick Heating Repair in Glenview Before Calling a Furnace Repairman

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Your furnace helps heat your home to a comfortable temperature. This appliance contains many intricate parts. When it’s not working correctly, it can negatively impact household occupants by creating a colder, uncomfortable home environment. Before you call a repairman for Heating Repair in Glenview, there are some actions to take. These actions can identify a problem you can fix yourself. Use the following guidelines to perform this task.

When your furnace is blowing out cold air, look at the filter. A dirty filter can reduce or eliminate the output of warm air. It can also cause your furnace to shut down entirely. It’s advisable to check your filter every month unless your furnace is not working right. Look for your return air duct to locate your filter. Remove the cover. Be careful not to damage any fasteners or insulation tape. Slide in a new filter and replace any faster or insulation tape. This will lessen the chances of soot building up on the heat exchanger that can cause a furnace shutdown.

View your thermostat. Ensure that your furnace is set to “heat” mode. Raise the temperature setting to five degrees above the temperature of the room. Wait a few moments for the furnace to heat up. Replace the batteries if your thermostat runs on these. Open the panel to your thermostat. Blow out the dust and that can cause loss of function. Don’t use a tool or brush for dust removal as this can harm the intricate parts of the thermostat.

The ducts in your home allow warm air to be distributed throughout your home. A cracked duct can provide an entryway for the dust to enter the duct system and increase the amount of energy it takes to run the furnace. Inspect the visible parts of your ductwork. Use a mastic sealant to repair the hole. It’s a good idea to inspect your ductwork once a month when you change your filter.

When these suggestions fail to produce warm air, you may need professional Heating Repair in Glenview. For more information, please talk to a furnace expert at Heatmasters Heating & Cooling. This company can handle commercial and residential Heating Repairs in Glenview for numerous systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and radiant floor systems.

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