Quick Fixes When You Need Plumbing Repair in Bainbridge Island, WA

A homeowner can use a quick fix when they require Plumbing Repair in Bainbridge Island WA. A quick fix will allow a person to use their plumbing until a plumber can make it out to do repairs. Being able to apply a quick solution also gives a person a chance to save up money to hire a plumber.

Fix A Leaky Pipe

A leaky pipe will need Plumbing Repair in Bainbridge Island WA, but there are some quick solutions a homeowner cant try. Plumber’s tape sometimes works to stop leaks. It’s not going to last forever, but plumber’s tape can be reapplied as necessary to handle small leaks. A bucket can be placed under a leaky pipe. Buckets work well for leaks that are under sinks. A homeowner just has to remember to empty the bucket.


Clogs can happen anywhere in a pipe. If a person is lucky, they will have a clog that isn’t hard for them to reach. Quickly checking a sink’s drain trap might be all that’s necessary to fix a clog. The trap can be emptied into a bucket. If that doesn’t fix the sink problem, a cheap plumber’s snake should be used. The snake will be able to reach several feet inside the pipe. A drain cleaner might have to be used for a clog that’s any deeper.


There are quick fixes for toilets too. If a toilet has a weak flush, removing the lid from the tank might help. The part that connects to the handle might be hitting the top of the lid. Until a plumber can make adjustments, removing the lid will allow a forceful flush. A toilet that keeps having to fill itself up with water might need the flapper adjusted. Water will leak out of a toilet tank if the flapper starts missing its mark.

There are many tips online that will help homeowners who are having plumbing emergencies. In some cases, quick fixes remove the need for hiring help. Most of the time, quick fixes just allow a person to use their plumbing until the proper repairs can be completed by a professional.

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