Questions to Ask Your Chevrolet Dealer in Bolingbrook Before Buying a Car

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Automotive

A used car is a major purchase, and it pays to be prepared. When looking at cars with a Chevrolet dealer in Bolingbrook residents know it’s important to ask several vital questions before agreeing to a sale. Asking your Chevrolet dealer in Bolingbrook these questions will ensure that you’ll be pleased with your vehicle for many years to come.

Can I read the CarFax report?

An honest dealer will have no problem allowing you to read a vehicle’s CarFax report. This important document will tell you everything you need to know about a car’s history, such as repair records and any accidents the vehicle may have been involved in. If for some reason this report isn’t available at the dealership, you can research the car yourself by looking up the VIN number on the internet.

Can I get a warranty?

Although warranties on used vehicles aren’t the norm, dealers will occasionally offer some type of limited warranty to close a deal. If your dealer does offer you a warranty, it’s also important to ask how long it lasts and exactly what it covers.

Can I take a longer test drive?

Some dealerships will allow you to take a vehicle off the lot overnight, providing you offer proof of insurance and sign a contractual agreement not to put more than a certain number of miles on the car. These extended test drives can give you a much better idea of how well the car runs and handles.

What’s your best price for a cash payment?

Often, paying in cash save you a substantial amount of money on a car. Dealers like not having to deal with financing hassles, and cash payments often allow them to see their commission a lot sooner.

Do you take trade-in vehicles?

If you lack the desire or initiative to sell an old car yourself, this can be a valuable option. Dealerships often offer to take trade-ins even if they’re not in working condition, which can save you a considerable chunk off the price of the car you’re purchasing.

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