Questions to Ask When Interviewing Truck Accident Attorneys in Fort Collins

There are hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicle crashes each year in the US. Of those, tens of thousands cause injuries and thousands are fatal. If someone is involved in a truck accident, they undoubtedly face severe injuries, high medical bills, and a long-term loss of income. However, truck accident attorneys in Fort Collins can help victims get back on their feet. Below are several questions to ask a lawyer after an accident.

Who’s Responsible?

In many cases, liability seems clear-cut, but that’s not always the case. The vicarious liability doctrine complicates things somewhat by shifting some of the responsibility onto the driver’s employer. A truck accident attorney in Fort Collins will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine whether responsibility lies with the trucking company, the driver, or even an automaker.

Are Damages Recoverable?

A victim’s damages are the economic losses they’ve suffered because of an accident. They may include medical bills, auto repair costs, lost income and even emotional distress. An attorney can accurately calculate the damages to assign an approximate value to the case.

Has the Firm Handled Truck Accident Cases Before?

In a trucking accident, extra evidence may be necessary to determine liability. Such evidence may include drivers’ logbooks, the vehicle’s maintenance history, and other information that may be used to build a case. While federal laws require all trucking companies to record such data, victims need an attorney’s help to gain access to it.

How Will Compensation Be Gained?

Most attorneys try to get clients’ financial statements by working with the trucking company’s insurer. They work on victims’ behalf during the negotiation process and request out-of-court settlements to pay for the client’s injuries. To be successful, however, a lawyer needs experience negotiating against trucking companies, insurers, and other attorneys. While a lawyer may work diligently to secure such a settlement, not all trucking companies offer reasonable compensation. If this occurs, it’s important to have a lawyer with enough litigation experience to take the case to trial.

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