Questions and Answers About Tree Trimming In Queens County NY

Regular tree trimming is necessary to keep trees healthy and to prevent their branches from causing damage. If trees are not trimmed correctly, it can cause them to wither or grow improperly. Read the questions and answers below to learn more information about hiring a service for tree trimming in Queens County NY.

Why is it recommended for individuals to have their trees trimmed on a regular basis?

Trimming a tree before it matures prevents it from growing irregularly and maturing into an unappealing shape. Homeowners should trim erratic branches when they’re small because the cuts will heal faster and this prevents damage to the tree. It’s also less dangerous to cut the limbs off when they’re small instead of waiting until they’re large and heavy. Tree branches that are growing very close to a structure or power lines should also be trimmed to prevent hazardous situations.

Is it acceptable to trim trees any time of the year?

The best time to trim trees is in the colder months or before the trees start to bud out in the spring. Individuals should refrain from trimming any branches from the tree right after the young buds develop. Cutting off limbs quickly after new sprouts emerge places a strain on the tree. A tree trimming specialist will know the best time to trim each tree species so that it doesn’t pose a problem for the tree.

What is the proper method for trimming branches off trees?

When individuals cut branches off a tree, the slices should be right above the area where the branch originates at the trunk of the tree. This area will be thicker than the rest of the branch and the cut should not be made lower into the tree. Individuals should not leave a large stub after cutting the branch because tiny shoots will grow from the stub and hinder the appearance of the tree. Individuals can contact a company that specializes in tree trimming in Queens County NY for professional tree service.

Individuals in Queens County who want professional tree trimming services at affordable prices can contact Arnoldos Tree Service. This company also provides tree cutting, stump removal, planting and land clearing for their residential and commercial customers.

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