Quartz Countertops with Elegance and Style

Quartz for Today’s Most Popular Counter Tops

From deep within the earth, the formation of volcanic magma that becomes lava, comes the most popular quartz counter tops.

Like diamonds which are also formed from molten rock, quartz has the same hardness property as diamonds. Quartz countertops MN homeowners choose most often coordinate with kitchen color schemes.

Add Color to Your Kitchen Countertop

Granite Unlimited, Inc. specializes in a broad range of colors of quartz countertops MN residents can select. These include the dramatic darker shades like Cosmic Black, Wasabi Blue, Atacama Black and Amazonia.

If blue is a preferred color, there is the intriguing Blue Persa, brilliant Blue Bahia or the eye catching Blue Pearl. For a lighter touch in the kitchen, there is Alaska White, Surf Green, Colonial Cream, Avacado, New Venecian Gold, Red Dragon and Persian Brown.

Shopping Convenience

When it comes to quartz countertops MN shoppers look for, they want a reliable source. Granite Unlimited, Inc. is a top MN provider of highest quality kitchen countertops and an industry leader for over 25 years.

Convenient Showrooms in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

To make shopping for quart countertops convenient, Granite Unlimited, Inc. offers several showrooms throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Shopping at a showroom is always a great way to find the countertop that will complete your kitchen decor in today’s most popular style.

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