Put a Stop to Negative Emotions with a Free Bible Prophecy

It can be a hard life if you are not in control of your emotions. Anger, frustration, envy, bitterness are all examples of negative emotions. You might be consumed with negative feelings and emotions and even have hate in your heart. You must know this is causing your life to be a sad and hard one. A free bible prophecy can offer you the hope you need to put an end to negative emotions.

When we are unhappy we are consumed with negativity. It is a sad way to live and the longer we stay in this state the worse it becomes. You may have been hurt by someone you truly loved, lost a job or are grieving over the death of a loved one. If we choose to stay in our suffering things can only get worse leading to bitterness and anger. Sadness gives way to these strong negative emotions if we cannot find joy in life any more. A free bible prophecy can remind you of God’s love and help lift away the sadness. You can find your way back to the openness and belief that you can be happy again and more so that this is what God would like for you.

Negative emotions can begin as part of a defence mechanism when you are a teen and trying to fit in. When you get caught up in the “I hate the world” angst of your teen years it is often difficult to shake them even as you become an adult. It is important to remember that there is more good than bad in the world and that you are responsible for what the world can become. The more people who learn to take responsibility not only for their own happiness but in contributing to the happiness of others the better place the world will be. This is why spreading the word of God is so important. We can change the world one person at a time.

It can begin with a simple smile at someone who looks tired on the bus and grow by reaching out in your community to assist with charity work. A free bible prophecy inspires us to be better and to embrace the word of God.

Your free bible prophecy is waiting for your with the help of Bishop Jordan. Visit Domain and find out how you can overcome sadness and embrace God.

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