Providing Peace of Mind to Seniors and Their Families

If you are a senior dealing with memory loss, cognitive decline, or dementia or a have a loved one experiencing those cognitive challenges, then you already know how difficult it can be to find specialized senior care in New Jersey. Fortunately, in River Edge, New Jersey, Regency Memory Care offers programs that are specifically tailored to seniors suffering from MCI, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

While New Jersey has plenty of senior day care facilities that focus on providing aid for people who need assistance with physical daily living needs, there are not as many facilities for seniors who need help because of cognitive issues. Regency Memory Care fills that gap by offering specialized senior respite care.

What is respite care? It is care aimed at filling-in-the-gaps between the type of care you can provide at home and the type of care someone would receive in an assisted living facility. Respite care programs provide supervision when a senior would otherwise be alone, but they are about more than simply providing security.

Specialized senior care tackles the challenges in creating a quality day care type facility for seniors experiencing dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), from ensuring that the facility is secure, to providing properly trained staff and activities that are appropriately stimulating.

Regency Memory Care Club provides senior care focused on helping seniors and their families adjust to the changes that comes with MCI. One of the biggest benefits we provide to seniors is combating some of the isolation that often accompanies MCI; thriving social relationships are beneficial even if they do not result in a slowed rate of cognitive decline.

If Regency Memory Care in Rivers Edge, New Jersey seems like a solution that could help your family, call us and schedule a visit today.

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