Protect Yourself With a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

After you are injured at work, you may be approached with a settlement that seems good at first. You may initially feel relief that your medical costs will be covered and tempted to accept a lump sum payment. However, there are some dangers involved in quickly accepting what the insurance company is willing to offer you. Before you take advantage of this payout, take the time to talk to a lawyer about workers compensation in MN.

When you agree to a settlement, there are some basic benefits that you could miss out on. For example, you may not receive any more weekly benefits. Once you have settled, that is the end of the case. If any further medical complications come up in the future, or if you discover that your injuries or emotional trauma were worse than you thought, a settlement prevents you from getting any help with the related costs of treatment. After the lump payment is gone, you will not receive any more money.

Although your first medical costs may have been paid off through when settlement was reached for your workers compensation in MN, you may still be held responsible for further medical payments. In cases, your employer may be able to deny you medical benefits after the workers compensation settlement has been completed. Carefully discuss this possibility with an attorney before proceeding.

Sometimes, you and the insurance company may come to an agreement only to find that the state work compensation agency does not approve of the settlement. The agency and a judge may review the case to determine whether it is fair and appropriate. This can be a good thing for you, but to be sure that you have a say in how the settlement is perceived, you should have an attorney present to represent your best interests.

One of the worst outcomes of quickly accepting a settlement occurs when the insurer’s doctor approves you to return to work, but your own doctors disagree. If this happens, you may lose your benefits within just a couple of weeks. You need the strong support of a legal advisor to protect your future and to ensure you receive the full amount of the workers compensation in MN to which you are entitled.

Cases involving workers compensation in MN can be very complicated with long-lasting issues. Rather than facing the process of workers compensation in MN on your own, hire a lawyer to represent you.

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