Protect Your Table with Custom Designed Table Pads

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Home and Garden

In many homes the dining room and kitchen are the heart of the house. It is where families come together to discuss how their day has went. It is where kids sit and do homework while mom’s cook dinner and help. It is also where they sit down to eat their meals or enjoy family game nights. That is why there are table pads available to help you protect your table from damage so that it will last you throughout all that your family can throw its way. Wouldn’t you rather cover your table than cancel family time together to protect it?

When you use pads to protect your tables you can simply enjoy your life with those you love and never again have to worry about how it will impact the finish of your table. These pads are heat-resistant which means that you can take a pot straight from the stove and put it on the table and not worry. Your table will not get scratched up no matter what game you and the family are playing. Even if you are doing a science project with your kids and something gets spilled on to it, no problem. The pad is washable where at the table could get stains.

If you would like to know more about what a table pad can do for your table, simply contact Superior Table Pad Co.  They will build a pad that is custom designed with you and your table in mind. It does not matter whether you have a round table, oval table, square or rectangle. The pad will be built to cover every inch of your tables top. Even if the table was created an odd size by a family member. When you do not need the table cover all you have to do is fold it up and set it to the side.

You not only have a choice in sizes for your table pad but you also have choices when it comes the color of the top which can be a variety of wood grain patterns. You can choose wood grains that are lighter or darker than your tables natural color. In fact, there are so many choices you may find a perfect match. You also get to choose one of five velvet colors for the bottom of the pad. It is so easy to protect your table. Why not take advantage of it? Browse website to know more details.

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