Protect Your Home Using Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO

Protecting your home is one of the most important things that any homeowner can do, but there is more to this protection than just keeping the burglars at bay. For instance, protecting your home from the elements can be a difficult task and one that requires more products than you might expect. Some of these items include storm windows to protect the windows of the buildings and storm doors to protect the entryways. Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO come in a variety of types including heavy duty tornado resistant models to those that protect from the winter chill. Some of the more commonly used doors in Colorado Springs include the full view glass model and the split glass model which allows for ventilation.

Storm doors actually provide different functions. For instance, some storm doors are used during lighter seasons to allow ventilation throughout the building and can later be covered with solid glass or plastic panels to provide better temperature control. In certain areas this type of door is known as a screen door. They typically come in wood or aluminum models with one or more removable glass panels. Screen doors aren’t as common as they once were because many home contractors opt for more detailed front entrances. However, Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO can provide the home with additional protection from the cold or an extra breeze on a warm day.

More advanced storm doors provide a better barrier for weather resistance. The full view storm door is typically made from aluminum and glass and generally has a small footprint. This makes it an ideal option for entrances that you don’t want to be obstructed from view. Storm doors come in a variety of other materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and fiberglass. These two products provide some of the most corrosion resistant doors on the market. Unfortunately, these materials can sometimes require additional strengthening products such as steel to provide a rigid frame. However, extruded PVC doors have been known to be extremely strong. If you are in the market for Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO then be sure to visit Window and Door Specialist.

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