Protect Your Home and Family From Spiders in Wichita, Kansas

People have an innate fear of most insects and for many people the worst of these creepy crawly creatures is the spider. Unfortunately, Spiders in Wichita, Kansas have gotten a bad reputation, so much so that many people have developed serious phobias regarding these little eight legged pests. For the most part, spiders in out homes are more of a nuisance than a real physical threat, but in some cases the spider can present a serious problem. Certain species of spiders produce a venom that can be dangerous for people, especially if these spiders bite small children or people who live with allergies and other medical problems.

In certain parts of the country the worst spider to deal with is the brown recluse. These spiders are typically small, about one quarter to three quarters of an inch in length. They are a brownish insect with a velvety appearance and very fine hairs on their bodies. The brown recluse has a darker violin shaped mark on their back, but this can sometimes be difficult to see. This spider prefers to hide away from danger and it generally comes out at night to feed on dead insects. For most people the brown recluse is not deadly, but this really depends on the person’s reaction to the spider bite and it’s location on the body.

Another of the venomous Spiders in Wichita, Kansas is the Black Widow. This spider is about one half of an inch in length with a shiny black body. It’s distinguishing mark is a red hour glass found on the abdomen. Black Widows tend to shelter in out of the way places such as old wood piles, but can be found in household areas such as attics or garages. In fact, anywhere you find a pile of old debris could harbor a spider web. Black Widows are not normally aggressive towards people, however they will bite when trapped. This bite is fairly easy to distinguish because it leaves two distinct puncture marks in the skin. While most people will survive the bite of the Black Widow it can still have some nasty effects such as pain for up to twelve hours, cramping and even seizures.

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