Propane in Columbia, TN Takes Bite Out of Cold

There are many winter days in Tennessee when it’s bitterly cold. Ice storms are not uncommon, with the weight of the accumulated layers downing electric lines and snapping ice-covered branches from centuries-old oak trees. In other words, it can be a miserable mess and it can be even worse in an all-electric home or commercial facility.

It’s on days like this when Propane in Columbia TN, can literally save lives. One of the best sources for this lower cost, convenient, lead-free, highly concentrated form of reliable energy is the 66-year-old Chiles Propane Gas LLC. Family-owned for three generations, the company that began in 1946 in a small, Texaco service station puts dependable, family-style service ahead of everything else. That includes giving back to the community .01-cent per gallon to the Susan G. Koman Cancer Research Foundation in honor of the family’s Aunt Booty, a cancer survivor. The company even uses special, pink trucks for these deliveries.

Propane shares many commonalities with natural gas, with the primary difference being the form of delivery. Natural gas comes from the earth, with much of it produced through the highly controversial process known as fracking. Propane in Columbia TN, and in other areas of the country, is delivered by a truck instead of a pipeline.

The list of plus factors for propane is long. It heats homes and commercial facilities faster than electricity and maintains the warmth longer. Propane remains on tap during those ice storms when the power lines go down, keeping users warm, fed and secure while others navigate ice-covered roads to propane- powered shelters.

Propane is kind to the environment, leaving only a small carbon footprint. The majority of propane gas is manufactured in the USA, which means providing jobs at home. It’s usually more affordable than electricity and can be used with almost any appliance. Of critical importance is propane’s outstanding safety record, especially when compared to natural gas.

Many folks using Propane in Columbia TN, and throughout the nation, don’t confine the energy source exclusively to home and commercial interiors. It’s also becoming more and more popular in powering vehicles, including commercial car and truck fleets, school buses, long-haul trucking and more. As a fuel, or AutoGas, the cost factor is generally $1.25 per gallon less than regular, unleaded gasoline. Additionally, the clean-burning fuel results in less maintenance, fewer oil changes, extended engine life and less time and money lost to down vehicles.

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