Projects Using Masonry and Concrete in Livonia, MI

Concrete in Livonia, MI is used for much more than driveways and sidewalks. That is not to say that there is not a huge difference between careful and professional concrete work versus sloppy work in creating someone’s driveway or sidewalk. A bad concrete job a mean that you’ll have to have the work completely re-done in only a few years.

Working correctly with Concrete in Livonia, MI starts before the concrete is even poured. Professionals create the right concrete base first, mixing six bags of materials that include limestone mixed with air. There is 4,000 pounds per square inch of air mixed into the concrete to allow it expand and contract with the cold weather so it doesn’t crack. The mixture is then allowed to cure for the right amount of time it needs to be the correct consistency.

The next thing the crew does after pouring the Concrete in Livonia, MI is to level the cement area for the sidewalk, patio, or driveway using concrete rakes and straight edges to make sure all elevations are even. Then they treat the top of the concrete by going over it with a bull float followed by a hand float and a trowel to carefully make the surface even, flat, and uniform. They use an edging tool to get rid of any jagged edges on the side and to give the project a smooth and clean look. They don’t want the surface to be too smooth, though, so that there is adequate traction. They create a non-slip surface by using a hand float or finishing broom to create either slight swirls or straight lines.

Another use for concrete Livonia, MI in home projects is to have concrete waterproofing done to your foundation. You may also need masonry work done, which means using brick to create or repair a chimney or a fireplace. You may need cinder blocks in the basement to be repaired. Other projects use brick or stone to create patios, patio walls, and landscaping features.

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