Professional Pet Grooming In Everett Is Important

Proper Pet Grooming Everett is important for every dog. There are many people who make the mistake of assuming that they do not have to worry about getting their dog professionally groomed because they are able to wash them on their own. Professional groomers do much more than just wash and dry a dog though. Below are a few things that your groomer can take care of for you to ensure that your dog is as happy and healthy as possible at all times.

Ear Cleaning

There are times when mites can get into your dog’s ear. They can cause him or her to be in immense pain. Treating the problem takes a professional just a short period of time to do.

Nail Clipping

Dark dog nails can often be difficult to trim if you are not a professional groomer. You will not be able to see where the quick of the dog’s nail is located and this could lead to you injuring the dog when you attempt to trim their nail. The groomer will be able to clip your dog’s nails within a matter of minutes without causing them any pain or discomfort.

Clipping Fur

Dogs with thick fur can be difficult to clip if you do not have the professional tools that are needed to do the job properly. A professional groomer will have all of the tools that are needed to do the job the right way from the start. They will also know how to clip your dog’s fur to create a uniformed look.

Canine Country Club and Cattery, Inc. has a trained staff that is ready and willing to groom any dog you have. They have all of the tools and treatments needed on site so that you can rest assured they do a great job. They charge reasonable fees for the services that they offer. It is best to make an appointment to have your dog groomed though to ensure that you are able to get them groomed when you want to get them groomed. There are certain times of the year that may be busier than others and making an appointment for Pet Grooming Everett will ensure that your dog is able to get the grooming that they need when they need it.

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