Professional Pest Control in Boulder CO Helps Property Owners Eradicate Ants

Many homeowners wish they could figure out some effective pest control strategies without resorting to toxic chemical treatments. But when it comes to Pest Control Boulder CO residents sometimes have little choice but to call a professional to have the problem resolved quickly and for the long term. Keeping a lawn and the landscaping looking great may require an application of pesticide early in the year.

Ant Infestation

One big problem some property owners encounter is an infestation by ants of various types. These critters build colonies underground and deposit the tiny bits of earth on top. That leaves mounds of sand-like particles around a central entry point. These areas can grow rapidly and detract significantly from the appearance of the yard.

Ants also invade houses if they catch wind of any type of food sitting out on a counter or crumbs on the floor. They even take up residence in mailboxes after heavy rain, since these containers are dark and dry.

Sodium Borate

Managing ants with natural efforts, such as distributing coffee grounds around the yard daily, can be somewhat futile. When it comes to ant Pest Control in Boulder, CO technicians may use a sodium borate solution that kills the ants and is reasonably safe for pets and wildlife. Those animals are highly unlikely to eat this bitter substance. If they run through a patch and lick a little off their paws, it does not hurt them.

It should be noted that sodium borate is an entirely different substance than boric acid, which is also used as a pesticide but can be toxic to animals. Before pest control technicians apply boric acid solutions, they advise property owners of the potential hazards.

A Common Problem

Technicians from a company such as Wards Lawn Service know that more property owners complain about ants than about any other insect. Carpenter ants cause structural damage to buildings because they chew on wood. Other ants contaminate food and spread disease. They kill large areas of lawn when left to their own devices. Anyone experiencing trouble with these six-legged creatures may Visit website and schedule professional assistance.

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