Produced Water Recovery by Hydraulic Fracturing Plants

Produced water recovery measures are very crucial in a hydraulic fracturing plant. This is because hydro-fracturing uses a lot of water. On average, a fracturing well requires about 2 to 5 million gallons of water. This water is usually pumped at extremely high pressure so that it can fracture the rocks that trap gas and oil. Much of this water flows back to the surface with toxic chemicals that are used in the fracturing process. It also has toxic materials that are flushed from the rocks fractured in the process.

Afterwards, this water was stored in artificial ponds in the past. In the ponds, the water was treated and diluted. After sometime, it was transported to disposal sites where it was put through specialized treatment before being injected into the disposal wells. The disposal wells would send this water deep underground where it could remain permanently. However, this was not an effective solution.

During transportation, the produced water could spill on the way. During storage in artificial ponds, leakage could lead to contamination of underground water. In some cases, the water could overflow causing more harm to the surrounding environment. In case frac water finds its way to the water bodies used by human and animals, it could cause deaths and other side effects.

However, things are different now with produced water recovery measures being taken by most gas and oil producing companies. Different levels of treatment and cleaning are being employed to ensure that water is suitable for reuse after some time. These measures and levels are aimed at wiping out slate in the produced water before the next step of treatment.

Although there are different processes for treating the produced water, they are always available. Several stages are involved in the treatment of this water and they are cost-effective when compared to reinjection. Today, there are several companies that offer services that entail effective recovery of the produced water. These services ensure that much of the flow back or produced water is recovered and treated effectively before being reused.

Most companies that offer the services have on-site and off-site produced water recovery and treatment solutions. They use a combination of innovative technologies to collect water and then treat it. Chemicals and toxic elements that form the water from the fracturing system are eliminated from the water. After recovery and treatment, this water is suitable for reusing in the hydraulic fracturing system.

Companies that produce gas and oil should have produced water recovery measures. If not, they should outsource recovery and treatment services. Visit us website for more information.

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