Problems You Can Check for When Your Dishwasher Won’t Start or Run,

Your dishwasher is one of those appliances that “just works.” You load the dishes, add the soap, turn it on, and after a little waiting, you’re greeted with clean dishes. However, there are plenty of problems your dishwasher can develop, causing it not to start or run properly. If you ever encounter this issue, here are a few items you can check to determine if you need dishwasher repair services in Marietta Georgia.

Check the Lock

Most dishwashers are equipped with a child safety feature to prevent curious fingers from running your dishwasher whenever they please. In many dishwashers, however, the activation of this lock simply requires you to hold a certain button down for an extended period of time. This button is often one that performs other functions on your dishwasher, meaning it’s fairly easy to activate by accident. If no buttons you press seem to be working, check to make sure the child safety feature hasn’t been left on or accidentally engaged.

Check the Door

If the door to your dishwasher isn’t securely closed, it won’t operate. This is a handy feature since an open door and a running dishwasher is a recipe for a big mess. However, if your dishwasher door is slightly ajar, it can make it seem as though you need dishwasher repair services in Marietta Georgia when in fact all you need to do is press more firmly on the dishwasher door. Sometimes, a utensil or other dish can fall out of the wash basket and become lodged between the door and the main body of the dishwasher. Check for any obstructions before you assume your dishwasher has met its demise.

Check the Power

Though your dishwasher isn’t the most power-hungry appliance in your home, if it’s on a circuit with other devices, it could lead to a problem. Before you begin tearing apart your dishwasher, it’s a good idea to do a quick check to ensure the breaker hasn’t been tripped. If it has, checks for any unusual draws on the circuit that may be causing it to overload. After resetting the breaker, try the dishwasher again to see if your sleuthing has solved the problem.

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