Problems With Hot Water Heaters in Plainfield, IN Can Easily Be Resolved

You’re in a hurry. You jump into the shower only to find out that there isn’t any hot water. There’s no time to waste, so you take the most uncomfortable shower ever and head out the door. When you get home, you quickly check the circuit breaker to see if it accidentally tripped itself. However, everything is as it should be, but the hot water is still coming out cold. The realization that the hot water heater isn’t working suddenly sinks in, but who do you call for help?

The Drainman, Inc. answers the phone 24 hours a day to handle any plumbing emergency that may occur for both residential and commercial customers. They’ve been serving the Indianapolis metropolitan area since 1984, and take great pride in providing quality service at an affordable price. They have highly trained technicians who can repair or replace Hot Water Heaters in Plainfield IN as well as service other plumbing issues that may arise. In many instances a hot water heater that isn’t functioning properly may have a simple problem that can be fixed immediately, such as a broken element or wire. However, if the unit is old or worn out, it may be more cost effective to replace it with a new energy efficient model.

A hot water heater that isn’t working right can cost quite a bit more to operate than a unit that is. The Drainman, Inc. can do a complete inspection of Hot Water Heaters in Plainfield, IN to determine if there are any gas or water leaks, repair any back-flow prevention that may be faulty, look for damaged pipes, wiring, valves and emergency cutoffs, and evaluate the unit overall. If the unit needs to be replaced, they can install a new energy efficient model that will provide as much hot water as your demands require. A new unit will also reduce your monthly utility bill, which can save a lot in a year’s time.

Knowing who to use when a plumbing emergency occurs can help you get through a crisis much faster. The Drainman, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years and is listed on Angie’s List, as well as Fixxbook by Service Channel. They are equipped to handle all of your plumbing needs and use the latest technology available in the industry. So the next time there’s no hot water, don’t panic, call The Drainman, Inc. instead.

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