Private Boat Charter BVI

BVI Island is an interesting place to visit. It is rich in history with many beautiful beaches.

Private Charters

A common excursion while on vacation is taking a private boat charter along BVI. Many vacationers will vacation on the coast and reserve a private boat charter.

Private boat charters at BVI are reserved for many reasons. During a private boat charter, guests have the captain and crew all to themselves. The only people on the boat will be guests that you invite. No other families will be on there to spoil your adventure or make the boat overcrowded.

Most private boat charters will customize a trip for you. Most charter companies will try to accommodate any reasonable requests from their customers.

A favorite charter for many people is a romantic sunset cruise. Sunset cruises give you a picturesque setting of the island and are great for anniversaries or birthdays. Other common charters are family boat cruises around the island. It is a great way for the family to see all of the islands and have a great experience they will not forget.

Relax on the Water

Many customers will be able to relax on a chartered boat. They can watch the waves, marine life, and view the historic towns from the open water.

There is a sense of freedom and peace being out on the open water. This freedom must be experienced to get the full effect. The lull of the waves just seeps the tension from the body.


Chartering a private boat is not as expensive as most people think. Most charter companies have standard packages for their customers to select based on the available time, destinations, and budget.

Renting private boat charter is an unforgettable experience. Just make sure you know the type and style of boat you are booking to ensure your charter is memorable. Visit Ocean Bliss Charters for more information.

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