Preparing your Home for a Home Inspector in Chicago

Anytime you have a Home Inspector in Chicago coming to your home to perform an inspection, it is important that you get the home ready prior to his or her arrival. What do you need to do to prepare your home for an inspection? Below, you will find a few tips that can help you get your home ready for inspection.

In the basement, you should pull anything that you have stored away from the walls, out of the area of the furnace, and away from any exposed plumbing or access panels. The easier it is for the inspector to see each and every element that he or she needs to inspect, the quicker and more efficient the inspection will be.

In the main living areas of your home, do not try to hide any defects behind furniture. Do your best to de-clutter the living areas so that they can easily be maneuvered through and attention can be paid to the necessary details of the inspection.

If you are not living in your home, be sure that the utilities remain on until the inspection is complete. The gas, water and electricity must be turned on for the different elements of the home to be properly tested. If you turn your utilities off prior to the inspection, you could face restoration fees to have the inspection completed.

The day of the inspection, put your pets away. If you have an outdoor kennel, put your dogs in it. You do not want to have to move the pets around during the inspection. Some home inspectors are less animal friendly than others, so if you have several pets in the home, inquire about the inspector’s sensitivities to animals.

Having a Home Inspector in Chicago inspect your home may be a necessary step in selling or refinancing your home. No matter the reason for the inspection, preparing your home will make the process move along much more smoothly and quickly. Talk with your home inspector about any other things that should be done before the day of your inspection to be sure you are ready for him or her to arrive.

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