Preparing Your Child for Children’s Dentistry in Omaha NE

Seeing a dentist is an essential part of every child’s dental and medical care plans. The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s first visit to a dentist occur within six months of the eruption of a child’s first tooth, but no later than one year of age. An initial and subsequent visits to a dentist can be stressful and scary for children. The unfamiliar sounds and smells can make a negative impression on a youngster. To make these visits more productive and less scary, learn how to prepare your child for children’s dentistry in Omaha NE.

Most dental visits will involve some probing of the mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. For a child who is less than 2 years old, explaining the visit itself may be a little difficult. Insead, concentrate on arriving with a child who is not sleepy or hungry. Make a child’s first appointment during a time of day when the child is not normally bathing or eating.

Purchase a child’s toothbrush and let it become a part of your child’s stock of toys. This will let him get used to an object he will see in a dental office. Ensure that the child gets plenty of sleep the night before the visit. Let the child take one or two toys with him to the visit to entertain him.

Taking an older child to a dentist will give you the chance to explain the purpose for a dental visit. Stand with your child in front of the mirror so you can demonstrate how the dentist will inspect his mouth. A day or two before the visit, stop by the dental office so your child can meet the dentist. Some dentist even make this a regular part of children’s first visits to them.

The day of the visit, stick to your child’s normal routine. Getting an older child ready for children’s dentistry in Omaha NE can involve a promise of a reward for a positive visit. A small toy or extra activity will work wonders for improving an older child’s behavior. Following these tips will enable your child to get needed oral care for a healthier smile.

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