Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather With Furnace Repair in Wichita

One of the often overlooked chores for wintertime preparation is the routine servicing of your heating system. For most homeowners this means cleaning the filters of their forced air units and having a service technician come out and inspect the heater. The actual inspection will depend on which type of central heating unit you use and how old that system is. For example, electric units usually only require an inspection and cleaning. The technician will ensure the heating element is in good repair and that the fan is functioning properly. They will normally inspect the circuit boards as well.

A gas furnace on the other hand will require more work. This is mainly because the gas unit may have carbon buildup in the flue and this buildup could have come loose while the furnace was sitting idle. If this old carbon falls into the combustion chamber it could interfere with the function of the furnace or worse, it could be distributed into the home for everyone to breathe. Likewise, they will also need to clean the burner so the flames burn clean. Still another important function in the furnace is the ignition system. This critical component ensures the burner lights properly when the temperature drops and the thermostat kicks on. Failure to ignite the gases properly could create hazardous situations such as excess gas in the home or the possibility of fires or explosions.

However, being prepared for winter won’t eliminate all your potential problems. Sometimes our heating systems simply break down from excessive use and furnace repair in Wichita area is the only way to fix the problem. In most cases the repairs are simple such as a failed fan or a relay switch, but other times it could be something more complex such as the thermostat.

Thermostats are the control switches which make your heating system function automatically. As the temperature changes these switches turn off or on and send a signal to the furnace. Older thermostats were simple mechanical devices which normally used contact switches to turn the system on or off. Later models are much more precise using electronic technology to control the system, but both of them can break and require you to contact someone qualified in Furnace Repair to fix them.

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