Prepare For Potential Problems with Family Law in Rapid City by Speaking with a Lawyer

For anything dealing with Family Law Rapid City residents depend on a lawyer for help. When you’re dealing with custody, child support and visitation rights, it’s important to have everything done with the help of a lawyer so that you have a resource to go to if something doesn’t work out. A verbal agreement, while it may be perfectly valid, is easy for someone to argue that you’re remembering the agreement wrong. When you go through a lawyer, everything is written down and approved by a judge.

Child Custody – A person cannot give up custody of their child without going through the proper legal channels. Likewise, a person cannot just claim sole custody. It has to be approved by a judge before it is legal. Before that point, if the non-custodial parent takes the child, the police cannot simply take the child back to the custodial parent. There needs to be proof of a custody agreement signed by a judge.

Child Support – Many people try to work out a child support agreement on their own, but what happens if the person who is supposed to pay support doesn’t pay? Without a legal agreement written by a lawyer and approved by a judge there is no recourse. The couple will have to go to court at that point, and there’s no guarantee that back child support will be ordered.

Child Visitation – Along with child custody, if the parent the child is visiting does not return the child on time, the only way you will be able to call the police is if there is a legally written visitation agreement. The time to get an agreement ordered is not when the child is with the other parent and the other parent does not want to bring them back to the custodial parent.

If you’re in need of help with some of the problems related to Family Law Rapid City residents experience, you’re going to want to speak with a lawyer before coming to any agreement. Make sure that any agreements for the care of your child is written down, signed by both parents, and approved by a judge. This will save you a lot of hassle in the future if problems arise.

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