Prepare For Basement Waterproofing In Carlisle Before It Becomes An Emergency

The off seasons where the weather is more mild is the best time of the year for fixing up the home. Simple routine checks on a residence in these off months can help prevent major damage as well as major repair expenses in an emergency situation. Tasks like fixing the roof, weatherproofing outside structures and sealing leaks while conducting Basement Waterproofing in Carlisle are a way to ensure that you are kept comfortable in a dry home all year long. It is much easier to solve a problem when it is not an emergency or when you have longer stretches of dry conditions in order to adequately asses the damage.

In the specific area of Basement Waterproofing in Carlisle there are a few steps that you any do-it-yourself type of person can do to check for any current leaking conditions. If you suspect you have a problem already you have to determine where the leak is coming from. Place a piece of foil to where the moisture is and within a couple of days check the foil. Depending on which side of the paper is wet, or both sides, you will know where your leak is originating.

Next, inspect the outside of your home specifically the gutters, downspouts and any possible areas where water can gather against the foundation of the home. If the moisture you have found on the foil is on the inside of the paper, you have a problem with the foundation. Sometimes redirecting the water away from the home is sufficient enough to dry out these leaks. Any water build-up on the foundation walls is a bad sign but one that can be easily corrected.

In the basement itself, check the flooring and the walls. This is the time to have hydraulic cement handy and push it into any areas where there are gaps between the floor and the wall. Over time, specifically within the first eight to 10 years after a home has been built there will be some adjusting into the soil. This may cause shifts in the basement where masonry cement or paint can help stop water from leaking into the basement.

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