Practical Solutions For Air Conditioner Repair in New Port Richey

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners run into a variety of problems with their AC units. Some of these problems can be very expensive and can lead to you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. Before you run to a technician for Air conditioner repair in New Port Richey consider addressing the problem yourself. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many practical solutions for your AC unit problems. The following are a few of these practical solutions, and some of them might be able to help.

Do you ever allow your unit to run, and it seems to run constantly throughout the day without stopping? The first thing you would check would be the thermostat. Often times homeowners have their thermostats set very low in order to stay cool. However, sometimes the temperature outside could cause the house to heat up so much that the temperature inside the home is unable to stay cool enough. If you’re city is seeing triple digit weather, even if you set the temperature to 45 degrees, the temperature inside of your home may not be able to reach 45 degrees; your unit will continue running for the entire day. If your unit won’t switch off, try setting the thermostat to about 75 or 78 degrees. Compensate for the heat by using floor fans to circulate the air.

Have you ever turned on your unit, and after awhile you start to feel a bit clammy? This clammy feeling is usually caused by excess amounts of humidity. Homeowners usually experience this when their units are oversized. Many people often think that oversized systems are better for cooling a home, and this is partly true. Oversized units do tend to cool the home much quicker, but while doing so proper dehumidification isn’t taken place. Your home is cool but there’s still plenty of moisture in the air, which is why you feel clammy. Instead of calling a service for Air conditioner repair in New Port Richey, try calling an HVAC service to have your current unit examined. HVAC servicemen will work to determine the best sized AC unit for your home.

Call a place like Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. in order to get the proper service your unit deserves. If these simple solutions don’t work, a trained technician will surely know how to help.

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