Post-Tooth Removal Facts from Your Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown

When an Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown removes a tooth, it can cause discomfort. However, with dental technology being as great as it is today, procedures make pain as minimal as humanly possible. Keep in mind that dentists will tell you that no procedure is pain-free, unless you are put to sleep. Even then, you may experience some discomfort when you awake. This article will show you what you can do so the pain is as little possible.

What can you expect when you have had a tooth removed?

Removing a tooth is a small operation. Therefore, you must take care of the wound. Sometimes, the dentist will place sutures to keep the wound edges together, which promotes healing. As long as the local anesthetic works, you can easily do what you want until the anesthesia is gone!

Chance of pain

During the first hours, the mouth and wound are stunned, meaning it will not hurt. When the anesthesia is gone, there may be tenderness and mild pain. Therefore, take two tablets of aspirin, paracetamol or another pain reliever, before the anesthesia stops. Then, take two tablets three to four times a day if you feel it necessary, or as directed by the emergency dentist.

Children should receive medication instructions from their pediatric dentist. If there’s still severe pain more than a few hours after the procedure, you should seek advice from the dentist. You may need prescription pain medication or other pain-relieving treatment. There may also be a need for closer examination of the wound.


It is quite common for the gum and cheek to swell when a tooth has been extracted. Cold compresses can reduce swelling. Put an ice pack or a cold, damp towel on the cheek next to the place where the tooth has been removed. Hold it on there for 15 minutes every hour for the first few hours. Alternatively, you can suck on an ice cube. If it swells for more than two days after the removal of the tooth, you should consult your Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown. For more information on this and other dental issues, contact Willingboro Family Dental today.

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