Pool Service Houston Homeowners Can Trust to Keep Their Swimming Pool Sparkling

Just like the other equipment in your home that keeps your family comfortable, your swimming pool needs regular service. The pump, heater and filter need to be maintained in order to keep your pool operating properly so you and your family can enjoy it all season. While you may be able to take care of some of your pool’s maintenance tasks, such as skimming, emptying the baskets and adding chemicals, other aspects of pool maintenance, like cleaning your pool’s filter, should be handled by a professional.

As a pool owner, it is important to know the pH level in your swimming pool and to adjust the chemical levels when necessary. Check the pH and chlorine levels at least once every day that you swim in your pool. Your filter also needs to be backwashed periodically. However, cleaning your filter too often can reduce its efficiency. Most swimming pool filters only need to be cleaned twice per year.

It is also necessary for homeowners to recognize the signs of malfunctioning pool equipment. By recognizing the signs early and calling for service, a pool owner can save a lot of money on repair and maintenance costs. If your pool starts making funny noises or you are unable to get your chlorine and pH levels balanced, you may have a problem that requires the help of a skilled pool service technician. The highly qualified technicians at Cryer Pools & Spas Inc provide the Pool Service Houston homeowners expect and can depend on to fix problems with their pumps, filters and chemical balancing and to keep their pool sparkling throughout the swimming season.

Take some time to get to know how your pool operates so that you will know when it isn’t working correctly. When the technician comes for Pool Service Houston homeowners often ask questions to learn how they can maintain their own pool. If you aren’t sure how to adjust the chemicals or what kind of cover would work best for your pool, just ask the technician. Pool service technicians know a lot about pools and are glad to share their knowledge with their customers.


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