Points To Consider Before Sending Your Work For CD And DVD Duplication

As an artist, musician, producer or director you want to make sure that the final product that you put your name on is perfect in every way. When you are planning to send your material for CD and DVD duplication there are several things that you should check and verify before actually ordering your copies.

By planning in advance, double checking each and every aspect of the end product and making any necessary changes before sending it off for CD and DVD duplication you can avoid problems. This will also help you to stay on budget as the copies you get will be ready for distribution and will not need to be redone if mistakes are found after they can been copied.

Master Copies

For both CD and DVD duplication it is critical to provide a finished hard copy of your CD or DVD. These are provided as CD-R and DVD-R copies that are set up with the right file extension type. For music CDs the file format should be Audio CD which is a file extension of .cda for a PC and for a Mac it is .aiff.

Carefully review the CD-R and the DVD-R prior to submission. Remember that the CD and DVD duplication process creates the exact duplicate so if it is not functioning correctly it will copy that onto all duplicates produced. Taking the time to play through the company CD-R and DVD-R is a simple process that can save, time, money and stress if there was some glitch in the recording or some issue with the operation of the disc during production.

Adding Your Artwork

Top companies offering CD and DVD duplication will provide you with the option to easily upload or supply design files that are used to create the jacket and design work on your project.

It is important to carefully review the CD and DVD duplication company information on the format and types of files that can be used. Depending on the format of design work you are sending you may need to adjust the settings and save in a particular format to ensure top quality images during the reproduction process.

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