Plumbing in San Antonio Can Solve Your Plumbing Problems

Your sewer line may reverse course and flood your home with sewage. There could be several reasons for this. The most common reason is a blockage formed by roots that have found their way into the line and formed a clog. The clog will grow and completely block the sewer line. Another reason occurs in lines from older homes which are made of cast iron and they rusted so badly that they break up. The pieces will create a blockage and the openings will allow roots to enter. These pieces also trap debris.

If your sewer line does back up Plumbing in San Antonio has the solution. They can run a mini-cam into the line and it will send back very clear pictures of the blockage. A skilled technician can use a hydro-jet to clear the blockage with water at a pressure of 3200 psi. This system will also clean the walls of the sewer line of grease and debris which has accumulated over time.

If the line is broken, then Plumbing in San Antonio can assess the problem and recommend a replacement or repair. Usually a line can be repaired with the trenchless method which does not require digging up the yard to install a new line.

You may have other drains that are going to become blocked. A plumber has the tools to examine and clear the drains in the bath tub, shower, sink, kitchen sink and the laundry water discharge line. These are all capable of becoming blocked.

If your home is on a cement slab, you may have a leak and not realize it. A skilled plumber can find a leak under the slab and repair it. He can also find a leaking pipe in the wall. The modern tools plumbers have can find a leak anywhere and fix it before it really damages your home. Leaks behind the walls can result in black mold which is a serious health hazard. A leak under the slab could wash away much of the soil and cause cracks in the slab. It will pay to have a skilled plumber check every potential area where a leak may occur.







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