Planning Your Event At A Catering Venue In Nassau County

While many people think that the most common use of a catering venue in Nassau County is for weddings, most of these facilities are in high demand most weekends of the year. This is because they are used for weddings, anniversaries, holidays, family reunions, company functions, conferences and even for retreats and workshops.The reason that a catering venue in Nassau County is the first choice for many of these activities is that it offers everything in the way of both a physical space as well as food. Trying to book outside food services, including professional catering services, adds to the burden and workload of planning any type event. Having the ability to coordinate all the services with one contact person at the catering venue in Nassau County is really a huge time and energy saving idea.


Before starting to look at or pricing catering venue in Nassau County it is important to know how many people will be attending. For a wedding, anniversary or company event it is fairly easy to predict numbers or at least be very close. However, for workshops, conferences and other types of events it can be more difficult.

In the case where you can’t give an exact number, the best option is to go with a reasonable expectation. Generally most of the catering venues in Nassau County will provide you with some flex room to add in additional guests if your numbers increase, but that may be limited by other bookings.

Seating Arrangement

While the number of people that can be in a catering venue in Nassau County is determined by the regulations and the maximum seating capacity, how you arrange the chairs and tables will also have an impact. If you are planning on serving meals, round tables or rows of tables, classroom style, allows guest to both eat and sit for events in comfort.

Some catering venues in Nassau County may offer you the option of setting up the food service in one room and providing seating in another. This is a great idea for workshops and conferences, with or without a keynote speaker during meals. It also allows you to decorate each room separately for a nice change of scenery.

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