Places to Stay in Orange Beach on a Budget

When you are searching for places to stay in Orange Beach, you may be contemplating whether or not to stay in a hotel, motel, inclusive resort, or a home rental. There are many benefits to each option. However, depending on the length of your stay, your budget, and your family size, it may be much more beneficial to stay in a house rental.

Determine Your Budget

While there are many Orange Beach places to stay, house rentals include amenities that hotels and motels cannot offer. You may see the price tag for the daily rate of a vacation home and think that it is way too expensive. Did you budget how much it is going to cost to eat out each day if you stay in a motel? Did you account for how many hotel rooms you will need with a larger family?

Cook at Home

The costs of hotels and motels quickly increase when you add in all the extra expenditures. With a vacation rental, you can cook for the whole family in your kitchen. You can buy groceries and store them in your full refrigerator and freezer. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a day to eat out, you can cook and have leftovers.


When you choose to stay in a hotel or motel, you will have to find activities to do outside the room. If you want a day of just relaxing while the children play, there is little to no space in a motel or hotel room.

Home rentals include access to the beach, pools, and enough space for children to play while you sit and enjoy your wine cooler. You will not have to spend money each day traveling to each tourist attraction. The best places to stay in Orange Beach on a budget are home rentals.

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