Places to Find Designer Jewelry Beavercreek

Beavercreek Jewelry is hand-made and one of a kind. They design beautiful jewelry from bullets. These designer pieces use bullets and semi-precious stones to make unique bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Designer Jewelry Beavercreek has the highest standards for their designs. Intricate, yet durable, the pieces show off the craftsmanship of the women who make them.

Beavercreek Jewelry started out as the brainchild of two hunters who realized that they could take the ammunition they brought and turn them into beautiful pieces of wearable art. As the line became more popular, they brought in other women to design and make bullet jewelry. These craftswomen produce fine quality jewelry like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The jewelry can be intricate or simple in design. A bracelet with six strands of both bullets and precious stones looks very feminine and enticing. Some of the larger bracelets look like they belong on a warrior. Bracelets come in cuff-styles and closure-styles with many individual pieces from which to choose. A ring with a single bullet is simpler in design and yet elegant. Earrings that look like peacock feathers have single bullets in the center of the design, making them graceful and alluring. There are pieces for going out into the woods to hunt as well as pieces for going out for a swanky night on the town.

It is amazing how two hunters with an eye for fashion came up with the idea of making something so beautiful out of something so dangerous. The beauty of their pieces has to be seen to be believed. They clearly put their hearts into their many designs.

Designer Jewelry Beavercreek only sells to retail companies. They can be found all over the country – if you know where to look. Jaffe Jewelry carries their line nationwide. Or you can visit J. Scott Jewels in Beaver Creek, Colorado, to see their designs up close. Many other shops in Beaver Creek stock the unusual designs created by these talented women. Some of the shops have online ordering making it easy for you to purchase a lovely piece from anywhere in the country.

Searching for designer jeweleries, magnificent diamonds, engagement rings and fine watches at very reasonable prices in Beavercreek areas, contact Jaffe Jewelers now.

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