Place of Recovery in Focus: Malibu Recovery Center

Every addict who is ready to close a painful chapter and start anew has a daunting task before him or her of choosing the right center on the path to wellness and recovery. Many places promise the sun and the moon, only to have the person return to their destructive ways. Some unscrupulous programs are very costly and yet do not deliver any concrete solution to the root cause of the addiction problem.

Because of this, it pays for people that are looking for a safe haven as they try to get their lives on track to be assisted every step of the way by the people who truly care for them – their friends and family. But how does one begin choosing a recovery center and what are the assets to look for and ask about? Let us count the ways with the help of Malibu Recovery Center:

1 The road to recovery is paved with the good intentions of consummate professionals.

Malibu Recovery Center prides itself on being run only by real professionals who have studied and trained extensively. Starting with their Executive Director Lisa Steele, who holds a Ph.D. and has studied widely on the bridge between mental health and substance abuse.

The center’s Lead Exercise Instructor is Oleg Flow who is a certified yoga teacher and has practiced several other physical disciplines. Its Lead Chef Cyril Landrat is a graduate of the prestigious Lycee Valere Mathe in Vendee and has worked in Paris’ prestigious kitchens. One of its Executive Advisors for neuroscience is Dr. Kenneth Blum, Ph. D. who has penned several journals on the link between genetics and addiction.

These professionals, provide a scientific and tested approach that will not only help those suffering from addiction, but also guarantee their safety and the success of their stay in the center.

2 The location is part and parcel to recovery

The malibu recovery center lives up to its name by being in a beautiful location that overlooks the beachfront. It boasts of amenities such as a pool room with a steam shower and spacious dwellings with six clients sharing 6,500 square feet of property. It’s a serene, but most importantly, discreet and private place where those suffering from addiction can entrust themselves to full recovery from addiction or any other problems.

3 Availability of help versus the number of clients at any given time

With recovery being a 24/7 matter, the Malibu Recovery Center ensures clients that they have access to topnotch professionals anytime of the day. The ratio of therapists to clients is 3:6 while the overnight counselors are 1:6 clients.

With this level of focus on clients, Malibu Recovery Center truly is the place to be for those who cannot wait to start their life anew.

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