Picking Machine and Ink For Screen Print Supplies

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Business & Economy

Screen printing is a billion dollar industry. Although large companies are in the screen printing business, ordinary people can get into the game as well. Screen printing can be used for more than just selling t-shirts and making money. This is an artistic technique that can be used to exercise your creativity and imagination. But you’re going to need the right Screen Print Supplies in order to do the job right.

When picking Screen Print Supplies, the printing machine is going to be the first thing you get. Some machines format prints much differently. You can find machines built for only large prints, and others are designed for only small prints. Large print machines can be better visually, but they tend to be much more expensive. Some machines print multiple colors at once, and others are only able to print one color at a time.

When it comes to screen printing, ink is probably one of the most important supplies you’re going to need. There are a variety of inks to choose from, and each one provides a certain effect. Some “pop” more than others, and some last longer than others too. The ink you get from MSJ Screen Printing Supplies will depend on what the intended purpose is for. The same ink can’t be used for both apparel and poster boards.

Some ink can take longer to dry and set. For those who want to print and wear their t-shirts immediately, water based ink is the way to go. The properties in water based ink allow it to dry faster than other inks. Water based inks also provide a softer feel which is similar to the clothing it’s printed on. Other ink, such as plastisol, is a plastic based ink and is standard for most t-shirt prints. Plastic based ink doesn’t dry as fast, and is known to peel and crack.

Print machines and ink are only two of the Screen Print Supplies that you’ll need. There are a host of supplies you may need. You’ll need screens, emulsion, film, and several other tools. It all depends on how far you’ll like to take your work.

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