Peruvian Restaurants of East Village, NYC

Some of the best cuisine to be had in New York City is found in Peruvian restaurants. Peru has some of the tastiest food of any culture or region. Among the best types of foods to eat of the Peruvian culture is a dish called Lomo Saltado. This is a stir fry dish that adds beef, tomatoes, onions and peppers together to make a traditional, delicious and spicy dish. This is just an example of what the Peruvian culture has to offer. You can find plenty of restaurants which specialize in Peruvian meals throughout all of the Big Apple. There are plenty of online listings available for you to browse through which will give important information such as reviews and the restaurant closest to you.

The part of town which you absolutely must check out is the East Village. The Peruvian restaurants found in East Village provide many different types of dishes using fresh authentic ingredients and cooking techniques. This is one of the reasons that restaurants located in the area are considered the top Peruvian restaurant NYC establishment. Of course, if you live a distance away from East Village, then you can look for restaurants which are closer to your area and provide just as good meals that are equally affordable. Some restaurants will even provide samples of select items on the menu. So if you’re hesitant to try something new, you can get a good taste of the dishes Peruvian restaurants have to offer.

A certain Peruvian restaurant in East Village offers a lot of different refreshments which you can pair with your meal with. They have a large selection of alcoholic beverages, there are so many different varieties of beers for you to enjoy that it’s called a beer garden. You can try out some of the most creative mixes from the bar or you can even customize your own drink. The restaurant carries some of your favorite brands as well as some unique brands which you are sure to fall in love with. They offer beers that are crafted in many different ways and in many different countries; one interesting category to choose from would be the sour beer. The lunch and dinner menu includes unique foods like fish tacos and steak tacos. The items are seasoned and presented with avocado, onions, roasted peppers, and other ingredients that you would usually find in Peruvian cuisine.

This Peruvian restaurant in East Village is called La Cerveceria. Luckily, this establishment offers an impressive happy hour as well as the option of reserving for a private event. With happy hour, you are offered half price of any item of the menu as long as you order a variety of different options, it is a beer garden after all and they want you to experience it! So if you’re in the area then you should give them a try!



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