Pellet Stoves in Salt Lake City, UT Offer a Number of Advantages

If you are considering the purchase of pellet stoves in Salt Lake City, UT, then you will find they offer a number of advantages.

Easy to Operate

Among the various wood-burning stoves in the marketplace, pellet stoves are the easiest to operate. You only need to load the stoves with wood pellets every other day. The loading of the pellets is simple as well. You just need to pull out the hopper on the stove and pour in the small pieces of wood.

An Ideal Heating Choice for Households with Children

As a result, the stove does not emit or produce smoke. This way, you do not have to worry about a smoke-filled room. You don’t have to deal with any unpleasant smells or resulting dry air either. With a pellet stove, no external heat is emitted during operation. Therefore, you can place a stove almost next to a wall and it will be safe since no fire hazard exists at all. That is why a pellet stove is the ideal heating choice for households that contain both children and pets.

Reduced Emissions

Wood pellets used in pellet stoves are tightly condensed, which makes the pellets a low-moisture and highly efficient way to manufacture heat. Also, fewer harmful gasses are released into the air during the burning of the pallets. You cannot say the same for traditional wood-burning stoves.

Because wood pellets are not a major product of the forestry industry, they are more sustainable, or environmentally friendly. The byproducts are manufactured with recycled wood from sawmills, which is typically formed from compacted wood shavings and sawdust or the top unused portion of trees.

The Savings

The biggest advantage associated with the use of a pellet stove is the fuel savings. You can buy about 40 pounds of pellets for just around $3. This particular amount can be used for heating purposes for two days or more. Therefore, the typical heating bill for homes that use this heating method is about $250 during the wintertime. When you use a pellet stove, it costs about $50 per month to heat your house.

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