PCB Electronics Assembly in Illinois

If you have created a product using micro-controllers or other electronic components, you’re going to need a way to mass produce that product to make it profitable. You may need an electronic assembly service that allows quick and efficient assembly without skimping on quality control. It might seem like a good idea to use a foreign service because the end product is so low in cost, but once shipping is calculated in, it might not be as cheap as you thought. It’s best to use a local assembler who uses high quality components and thoroughly tests each finished product. Caltronics Design and Assembly, Inc., for example, offers just that kind of service. From prototype assembly of a single unit, on up to mass automated production, they can get your products assembled using high quality components.

Simply choosing a low cost option for assembly seems like a good idea in most cases, after all, if you spend less producing a product, you make more money on each sale. The truth is that low quality production leaves many units below acceptable performance. For every ten units that operate properly, there will be one that doesn’t. That might not seem like a lot, but when you have one hundred thousand units it tends to add up. Local assembly services offer a high level of quality control, including extensive testing for products. Even automated assembly includes features that prevent non-working units from being released.

When it comes to PCB Electronics Assembly in Illinois, Caltronics offers a variety of assembly methods, and just as many options for testing products. From turnkey assembly, surface-mount assembly, vacuum encapsulation, and cable assembly, Caltronics can start manufacturing your product in their production environment. Once the products are completed, they can be tested by their custom designed testing stations. They will test the products they manufacture and even help troubleshoot and repair issues. Board defects will be detected by X-ray, greatly reducing the number of defective products. You can count on Caltronics for high quality PCB Electronics Assembly in Illinois. You don’t need to go to a foreign assembler to get a cost effective product, just use one that offers a higher level of quality.

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