Paver Stone Installation in NJ Provides True Customization

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

Today’s homeowners want a custom look to enhance their outdoor spaces. While landscape plantings provide wonderful elements for any property, the finishing touches are provided by the use of paver stones. For years, solid concrete was routinely used for patios and walkways, but the use of pavers is on the increase, as they offer myriad ways to compliment the overall look of any outdoor space.

While many companies provide paver stone installation in NJ, top companies like Stone and Patio Professionals ( should be a first choice when considering outdoor paving options. Experience and an attitude that outdoor living spaces are critical for many homeowners, and these companies understand that a finished product must meet a client’s needs or the project cannot be considered a success. Matching a project’s goals with available paver options helps to ensure every client is happy.

Paving stones are wonderful solutions to many outdoor project needs. For pool areas, they provide a safe, non-slippery surface that looks beautiful. For walkways, the stones provide design options that would be very difficult using any other material. Patios can be designed in any shape needed to meet the lot’s requirements. Because the stones float, there is little damage from weather changes that often destroy other materials. The stone surface lasts for years, as it is virtually impervious to damage from foot traffic.

Stone is available to meet a wide variety of homeowners’ needs. Professionals commonly recommend various forms of stone products for home veneers, retaining walls and fireplaces. Working with a masonry professional provides homeowners with interior and exterior design ideas that might otherwise be completed with materials not providing the strength or durability of stone products.

Contractors providing paver stone installation in NJ do, however, recommend that routine maintenance be provided periodically to maintain the looks and condition of paver stones. With time, resetting of some stones may be needed to keep surfaces level. Normal heaving of the ground will cause some stones to shift, and simply resetting them will return the surface to its best condition. While it is not always necessary, discuss sealing the stones to help repel water and reduce any chance of staining.

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