Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance In Columbus Should Be Performed By A Quality Contractor

Parking lot repair begins with crack filling, which is the most important preventative maintenance that can be performed on an asphalt parking lot surface. Over time, asphalt will develop cracks because the ground settles. In Ohio, many freeze and thaw cycles occur during the winter months. This is likely to be one of the worst factors in the deterioration of asphalt pavements.

Cracks that are not filled will fill with water. This water will turn to ice when the temperatures fall, and water expands when it turns to ice, and this expansion makes the cracks wider. Unfilled cracks will keep growing in width and length until they finally form an alligator appearance or a pothole. The opportunity for crack repair has been lost. A much costlier patching will now be required. If you want to save money on long term expensive repairs, then crack seal regularly.

The contractor should only use rubberized crack filler that is hot-poured. Contractors will generally fill cracks that are ¼” or wider, or 1/8″ or wider. A parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus doing quality parking lot repair will fill cracks that are 1/8″ or wider, but they will not attempt to fill cracks in areas that appear to be like an alligator, also known as shattered areas. All agreements about crack filling should be put in writing to prevent contractors from having a memory lapse. This is good business, and a company doing parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus will understand the request.

Patching is accomplished by saw cutting and removing the shattered asphalt. Never allow a contractor to just skim patch or overlay the deteriorated area with hot or cold asphalt. A skim patched area is like putting a band aid on it and all band aids wash off. The saw cut and patch approach is permanent and it blends in with the rest of the pavement.

Two coats of sealer should be applied to protect the asphalt from being destroyed by water penetrating the surface and working down into the asphalt. This water can freeze and it can also disrupt the composition of the asphalt possibly resulting in a deteriorated appearance. Sealer is a specialty product which should be purchased from highly reliable sources. The parking lot surface will begin to oxidize if it is not seal coated.

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