Paint Suppliers – Should You Stock Phenolic Roller Cover Products?

If your customers include professional painters and construction businesses, they want the top products at the most affordable prices. They also do not want to spend a great deal of time on clean up. When you choose high-quality phenolic roller cover products, you can offer your customers the best materials at competitive prices. Here is some important information on these products.

Why Phenolic?

If you are painting with rollers, you can use quality roller materials with paper or even cardboard cores. Some also come with plastic cores. However, in today’s world, many types of sealants and solvents are applied with rollers. Standard roller cores cannot stand up to the chemicals in these materials and may break down fast. This is the reason for phenolic roller cover cores.

Phenolic cores are different from standard cores. Instead of cardboard or standard plastic, synthetically produced plastic resins are used to coat the cores. This not only makes them waterproof, but they are impervious to many types of modern solvents. This is an important consideration when applying concrete floor sealers and many other sealing products.

Phenolic Benefits

If you use standard rollers for fiberglass production, it may take many resin coats to finish the job. Not only will standard rollers fail under this kind of work, but the cores can also start to dissolve and contaminate your project with unsightly colors or streaks. Because phenolic roller cover cores do not break down, you have nothing to worry about with a wide range of projects. They also work well for oil-based paints and are extremely durable.

The Importance of Quality Rollers

Your customers save money with cheap phenolic rollers, but cheaply made rollers do not cover well and can spoil an otherwise good project. Your products are part of your business reputation, and this reputation is only as good as the products and services you provide.

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