Owning A Winery In San Luis Obispo County

It is a major undertaking to own and operate a winery. However, it is one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. Industry insiders say there is a winery in just about every county in the country. Experts say one must have seed money because owners fund the winery for the first five to ten years. Cultivating a large vineyard costs around $25,000 per acre. A contractor generally lays out the vineyard and there are additional costs for items like irrigation systems. Owners must also purchase fermentation tanks, bottles and corks. Oak barrels are a necessity and cost a few hundred dollars a barrel.

Selecting the right vines are important for a Winery San Luis Obispo County. Many start-up operations buy vines from local wineries or cultivate their own. It is important that vines be suitable for the land. Further, they must be able to survive frost and insects. Indeed, wineries that lose their vines must start all over again. It usually takes about three years for the vines to start bearing fruit. Successful operations like Paso Robles Wineries San Luis Obispo County know that it requires luck and patience to make a winery work. In addition, location is important to attract visitors.

The next step is securing the necessary permits and licenses to make wine. There are strict laws that vary from state to state. Wineries need three licenses: food production, a liquor license to sell alcohol and a basic business license. Owners of Winery San Luis Obispo County must distribute the product after wine production. Many smaller operations sell their wine on-line. It may be cheaper than going through retail stores. Developing an effective marketing strategy is critical to making consumers aware of a brand. Further, wineries often open to the public for tours and visitors have the opportunity to buy wine. Many operations, like the Winery San Luis Obispo County, have elaborate wine tasting events with appetizers. Becoming a vintner is a major undertaking. It is a good idea to discuss plans with other winery owners in your state. Gain knowledge from their experience and apply it to your own operation. You will be selling wine in no time. Visit for more details.

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