Overview of Tin Ceiling Installation

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Tin ceilings became popular around the 1800’s. These tin tiles were often installed in newly built homes. Tin ceiling tiles are durable and fireproof. The various designs were an attractive element when added to any home. They were most commonly used in the Victorian style structures. Tin ceilings were not only in residential structures. Many of the commercial and government-owned buildings were also adorned with the tin ceiling tiles. Here is some more basic information these tiles.

There are several different types of tin finishes. The patterns on the tin are also different. This is especially true in the modern construction industry. Tin ceiling tiles are still a popular addition to any home or commercial building. The finishes include stainless steel, pre-painted white, chrome plated, steel plated, brass plated, copper plated and solid copper. This presents several choices for those who choose this type of ceiling tiles. Most any construction contractor should be able to perform tin ceiling installation.

The great thing about tin ceiling is the fact that it is available in a variety of patterns, styles and colors. This is beneficial when it comes to efforts in coordinating the interior fixtures of any building. The various patterns provide a different look for any area of your home. Tin ceiling is an appropriate type of material for any room in your home or commercial building. Mixing and matching the patterns and colors will make each room a unique space.

Many people may attempt tin ceiling installation themselves. Although it isn’t really difficult, it is time-consuming. If not done properly you will end up with damaged tiles and end up spending more money on replacement ceiling tiles. The tiles can damage fairly easily if not careful with the installation. That is why it is always best to rely on a professional construction contractor to perform this job for you.

Consult with Abingdon Construction about the various types of projects within your home where tin ceiling tiles will be used. You may not choose to do every room with these tiles. The contractor will provide you with an estimate for the cost of installation. They can also make recommendations on what patterns or styles would look best with the other fixtures you have chosen. Click here for more information about tin ceiling tiles can be obtained online.

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