Overview of a Standard Contract for Swimming Pool services in Nassau County, NY

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is a major investment that can be used for many purposes including physical therapy, swimming, and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Over time, regular use, outdoor elements, and accidents can lead to deterioration of the major components of a pool such as the basin, motorized pump, water filter, drains, returns, and PVC piping. To maintain these and other important parts of your pool, use Swimming Pool services in Nassau County NY to keep wear and tear under control. Before you sign any contract, learn about the terms and conditions for a standard swimming pool maintenance contract. Visit Skybluepools.net to learn more.

A general swimming pool maintenance agreement is an arrangement between you and the swimming pool service provider. It should include the maintenance services that will be performed, including pool vacuuming, wall brushing, chemical adjustment, hardware installation, skimmer basket cleaning, and pump cleaning. To winterize your swimming pool, a pool company can offer to clear debris from the pump and pool cover along with adding chemical to prevent discoloration of the water. The contract should clearly state how often each service will be performed. This can be on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Other time-frames should be listed in the contract.

A swimming pool maintenance contract should state the amount you will pay for services and the day you will pay them. If chemicals will be used in the maintenance process, those should be listed. Use of these chemicals may be an extra charge. The contract should give the service provider permission to access the pool. If you want the work to be done during certain times of the day, or certain days of the week, it should be specified on the contract. This agreement should also define what regular maintenance is. Anything beyond this will usually entail extra charges. The form of payment should also be listed on this agreement. Some companies will allow the customer to choose this.

Having your swimming pool maintained by a contractor will enable you to extend its useful life and functionality. For more information on Swimming Pool services in Nassau County NY, please Visit website of Sky Blue Pools Nassau County NY. This company can handle residential and commercial swimming pool services.

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