Organizing Receptions For Weddings In Queens

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Pity the father of the bride in his traditional role of organizing his daughter’s wedding, not only since he must bear the brunt of the cost but also because it is he who will get the blame should every little detail not live up to everyone’s expectations. He either decides (or is told by his wife and daughter) whether the actual ceremony is to be held in a particular place of religious worship or some other venue. In theory, he draws up the guest list and decides who gets invited to the whole event, who can only come to the “church” and who will only be welcome at the reception. Even if he is only “acting under orders”, he will, of course, be liable for any errors and omissions.

The Reception

One way or another, the ceremony and the guest lists have all been sorted out but, before any invitations can be sent out, the venue for the reception has to be selected and reserved for the required date and times. Many factors combine to affect the father’s final choice in this matter. Size will be depend upon number of guests; while location will depend upon where the guests are coming from – both of these are relatively easy to sort out; just so long as a suitably sized venue does exist in the desired locality. Fortunately for fathers living in Queens, that particular area is quite well blessed with an assortment of possible venues for the receptions for Weddings In Queens.

When the decision has been to invite a large number of guests and to time it so that they will appreciate a full meal at the reception; then a venue that has a banqueting hall is most likely to be the father’s choice – whether or not he will get to choose the menu is another matter; after all, his main function is to pay for it all.

Cost Does Matter

Even if he only has one daughter, the father of the bride has to keep an eye on the total cost of her big day. When it comes to reception banquets Weddings In Queens, the father will definitely appreciate a venue that has the skill, ability and willingness to discuss costs with him and make real suggestions as to how he may get better value for his money without risk of disappointing family and other guests.

For Weddings In Queens, a fine place to hold the reception would be the Elite Palace in Woodside. Their elegant premises offer a variety of rooms and halls to accommodate most numbers of guests. Phone them on 718 565-2001 to arrange a viewing of the facilities or to make your reservation.

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