Organization is Key in Rental Management

There are many things you will need to keep in mind when dealing with your rental management in Murrieta.  Keeping your paperwork organized and managed will make life much easier because you will be able to find everything you need when someone has a question, when leasing terms are in question, and for tax purposes.  Some of the things you will need in order to keep your rental management organized include office supplies, a filing area, date stamps, calendars, and other property documents.

Office Supplies

It is important to find all of the right office supplies necessary for proper rental management.  Some supplies you can consider choosing include folders, binders, pens pencils, sticky notes, and even notebooks.  If you do not already have them, a computer with some rental management software on it may also prove useful in organizing your rental properties.

Filing Area

If you are choosing to keep everything in paper format or would like to have the paper copies for backup, you will need some sort of filing area to assist you in keeping all of the paperwork in order.  Finding some sturdy filing cabinets may be the best bet to meet your needs.  Make sure to label everything and keep it all in order; throwing all the information into the filing cabinet is just as effective as leaving it as a mess on your desk.

Date Stamps

Date stamps are critical in keeping all of your documents in order.  When the date is in question on a lease or some other agreement, the date stamp can be used to prove when it was signed.  Make sure to stamp all documents after receiving and signing in order to prove the most recent document and agreement, especially if several different agreements have been signed.


Calendars are important for keeping track of important dates.  Find a calendar that allows you plenty of room to write down rent due dates, routine maintenance tasks, and even governmental inspections.  This will help ensure that everything is kept in order and that no surprises sneak up on you.

Property Documents

Make sure to keep all property documents in order and organized.  You will not want to be caught without the proper inspections, leasing agreements, or routine maintenance papers just because your office is in a mess at inspection time. Keep everything in its place, and your rental management will be a breeze.

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