Options To Consider With CD And DVD Duplication Services

As a musician, singer, entertainer or even a promotor using the best quality CD and DVD duplication services to create a professional looking and sounding disc is a must. However, it is also important to take a close look at what the duplication companies are able to offer over and above the basics.

A professional quality of CD and DVD duplication is only enhanced when the entire package looks like a record label or studio is already behind the project. You want your sample or your project to look just like the DVDs and CDs that you buy from retail outlets to give that polished impression.

In addition, keep in mind that using a CD and DVD duplication service that can complete your cases and jewel case tray cards can speed up your copying time. While you are working with them for duplication orders the company can also be creating your packaging, providing you with the complete project on your timeline.

Jewel Cases or Sleeves?

Jewel cases have long been the go to option for those wanting a professional look for their projects. The best companies offering CD and DVD duplication can also provide you with online templates that allow you to custom design the tray card for a jewel case as well as design the DVD or CD artwork and text as well.

However, for some types of projects, and to help to keep costs down, plastic sleeves may also be a great choice. Vinyl sleeves are often use for samples and demos that are going to be provided to fans or in mass marketing types of campaigns.

Tray Cards

When your CD and DVD duplication can also develop professional looking tray cards to match and coordinate with your CD or DVD art your work will definitely stand out from the crowd.

These tray cards can include the traditional song lists, credits, and contact information that will make it easy for fans and those interested in your work to identify you and stay in touch.

Looking for a CD and DVD duplication company that offers more than just basic services is an easy way to make a complicated project very simple. Many of these companies have incredibly fast turnaround times, ensuring your order is ready when you need it.

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