Options for Short-Term Storage in Knoxville

by | May 12, 2015 | Moving

There are several reasons homeowners may need short-term storage in Knoxville before, during, and even after the move. When you need to find an alternate, safe, secure location to keep your belongings for a few days, weeks or months there are three different choices to consider.

Taking a closer look at each of the options for storage in Knoxville and comparing the different pros and cons of each is an important step in deciding which one is best for your possessions.

A Friend

Taking advantage of a friend or relative’s garage, basement or spare room to keep your extra boxes, seasonal items and all those pre-packed items may initially seem like a good idea. This is particularly true if this type of storage in Knoxville is free and you are on a budget for the move.

However, this is perhaps the least advantageous choice. First, there is the fact your stuff is now at someone’s home, which means either paying extra to get the movers to go to the location on moving day or having to haul the boxes and items two ways to add to your work.

The second and perhaps the most problematic is the issue of damage to the boxes or items. If something does happen and breakage occurs while the stuff is in storage it can be a complicated situation.

Do-It-Yourself Storage in Knoxville

Do-it-yourself storage often requires a minimum monthly rental amount and may or may not have more than just the basic key card security protection. These units are often in high demand for seasonal storage and may not be available when you need them.

In addition, you will have to move the items to this type of storage in Knoxville, and then also move them home, so they are available for the movers. This adds not only to the cost of the rental but also to the time, effort, and stress in getting everything ready for moving day.

Professional Moving Company Storage in Knoxville

The third and the most recommended option is using storage in Knoxville offered through a professional moving company. This assures your possessions are packed and wrapped and stored in your secure vault within the facility.

The entire area is monitored with video surveillance cameras, and it will also have full fire alarm and fire suppression systems along with access only by approved professionals.

Using storage in Knoxville provided through a moving company also ensures your stored items will be moved with your household possessions, getting everything to your new home at the same time.

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