Options for Heating in Franklin, TN

When it comes to heating Franklin TN homes and businesses, the usual solution is to put in a furnace. In most cases, this is indeed the gold standard solution. There’s nothing quite like a big gas fire and a blower motor to get the job done! Even better, modern gas furnaces are much more efficient than the ones of old. This means that if you replace an old one, your power bills should go down. Alternatively, you might enjoy raising the thermostat without fear of the bills getting higher.

If you’re not in an area that has natural gas available, you’ll need to choose another option. Heating companies like Springhill Heating & Cooling will have several alternatives available. You can go with a furnace that burns propane gas, one that runs on electricity, or even choose an oil-burning model. You can also try an oil-fired boiler, which will use either hot water or steam to heat your home.

Electricity is usually the most expensive option for heating. An electric furnace is essentially a massive oven connected to a forced-air system, and it’ll spin the meter like you might not have imagined. For this reason, many people choose propane instead.

Propane isn’t as cheap as natural gas, but in most markets, it will beat the price the electric company can offer on a per-BTU basis. A propane furnace works much like a natural gas one, though most models aren’t directly compatible with both fuels. The only downside to using propane for heating Franklin TN homes, other than the price of the fuel, is that it must be stored in a tank on your property. Many propane companies rent out these tanks, but most propane-users say that it’s well worth it to buy your own instead.

Fuel oil isn’t very common these days, but some systems that use it still exist. Often, these systems are boiler-based rather than using forced air. Heat from a boiler is carried by hot water or steam. This water is sent through pipes that go to radiators throughout the house. The radiators release the heat, and the cooled water is returned to the boiler through more pipes. Boiler systems are very old-fashioned, though even they have seen some technological improvement through the years. On the plus side, they’re usually quite durable since they run on basic principles of physics rather than overly-complex technology.



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