Ontario Kids’ Dentists Are Adapting With Time

Does your young one throw tantrums on visiting a dental clinic?
Does the fear of drills; the fear of needles, keep him awake all night a day before his appointment?
This is all about to end. For the Ontario kids’ dentists are adapting with time; integrating advanced dental solutions in their practices which will quash the fears of young children which they previously had about painful dental treatments.


Bio-Lase is a dental laser treatment used for removing cavities without dental drills or shots. The entire procedure is pain free and children don’t have to wait for hours after the treatment before they can have their favourite hamburger.

Isolite Technology

Children hate sitting on the dental chair for hours, with their mouth wide open; twisting and turning their tongue so as to make way for dental tools. It leaves them hurting, it leaves them drooling. With isolite technology, minimum stress is exerted on the jawbones of your young ones while making it sure that saliva and other fluids are constantly flushed out.

The Wand Technology

A computer controlled anaesthesia administration system, this technology is being used by Ontario kids’ dentists to administer anaesthesia without the use of traditional syringes which makes the experience less painful and more comfortable.

The Nomad X-Ray Technology

This dental revolution allows practitioners to take oral x-rays with convenience. Dentists and parents don’t have to leave the room ensuring that they are there to accompany the young ones while patients also don’t have to struggle with their orientation in order to have the perfect x-ray. It reduces time and lowers the exposure level, making the procedure safer for kids.

Make it All Fun

We, at Kids Dental Specialists make sure that your child does not only get the best dental care but looks forward to his next visit; learning the importance of having healthy teeth in a fun way. To schedule an appoint, please contact us here.

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